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Pixel Fix is a Brisbane based web design company with projects and clients from all over the globe. We specialize in website design, custom cloud applications and mobile development. We provide our clients with complete and innovative solutions to suit their needs, time-frames and budgets.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and business requirements in order to provide the best possible user experience. Not only do we provide a complete solution, but we also offer a superior level of ongoing support.

We have and are continuing to build firm, long term relationships with our clients through our exceptional customer service and dedication. We don't just create a product; we create the right product that produces the right outcome.


Custom Cloud Applications for small to medium businesses

Pixel Fix provides custom cloud application development for small to medium businesses which includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Billing and Invoicing Software, HR Software, Inventory Management Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and more.

A web application or web app is an application that is hosted on a remote server and the application interface is accessed through a web browser. With our crisp and responsive design all our web applications are great to use on the go and on any device. The layout is responsive and perfect to use on smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.

Mobile Application Development is your software on the go

Pixel Fix's Mobile Application Development provides you with the ability to take your system with you. We can provide several different options to suit your needs. Anything from a responsive HTML5 design wrapped in a mobile application framework to a native Android, iOS or Windows Phone application.

We use the latest and greatest technologies available to make your experience more satisfactory.

Website Design reinvents the online face of your business

Having a website has become an integral part of business survival. With everything being online these days and everything moving towards the cloud, you need your website to be the online face of your company.

We provide you with that perfect website solution to help elevate your business into the enterprise it was meant to be. We design our websites to be sleek, professional, yet easy to navigate and cost effective. Not only do we provide you with a new website, we offer you the complete solution.

Our websites are built using the latest technologies and standards of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. We also use the latest versions of MySQL for database integration.

We also do web hosting

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